"Truth has no path, and that is the beauty of truth, it is living."
Jiddu Krishnamurti
“The value of a doula lies in who she is, more than in what she knows or does.”
Michel Odent
“Because the arrival of children triggers in us, both as mothers and women, a much deeper growth than one can ever expect.”
Laura Gutman
“Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after her.”
Christiane Northrupt
“A whirlwind of life force spins inside of us and our children, in a way, draw from the power in our heart and from the infinite joy and profound meaning we give to our wandering this world whilst carrying the weight of our feminine spirit on our shoulders.”
Laura Gutman

About me

My name is Lorenza. I am a woman, daughter, sister, and mother.
Italian in essence, I am grateful to have made my home under the Barcelona sky for more than a decade now.

I am fluent in Italian, Spanish, Catalan and English. My enthusiasm for language and communication, and my instinctive mediation skills, led me to study and work in translation for most of my life.
In my early twenties, while searching for a new me, I discovered the power and wisdom of yoga and soon found myself training to become a teacher.

Through my passion for yoga, I began to take interest in pregnancy and maternity. Without really knowing how or why, I began training as a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher. Continuing down a path that to me felt unknown yet familiar at the same time, I decided to be—and discovered I already was—a doula.

Being pregnant with Elva felt like living a dream I didn’t recognize was my own. Becoming a mother is the most revolutionary thing I have experienced so far, and it is the key step in a journey of professional and personal growth. It was the beginning of a new me, and the only way to truly discover what books cannot teach—the power of female creativity, the infinite source of unconditional love, the unlimited capacity for transformation, and the resilience that only us women possess.

Con il cuore is much more than a personal and professional endeavour. It is the mirror that reflects my calling as I lead you on the journey towards becoming a loving mother. Love is the only means I know to use in being the best doula and yoga teacher possible. I am deeply grateful for receiving the opportunity to share what, as a person and mother, has been both a revelation and personal source of healing—all while witnessing the most significant moments in another woman’s life.

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The value of a doula lies in who she is, more than in what she knows or does.

Michel Odent

What is a Doula?

I believe there is no better way to define a doula than with these words by Michel Odent.

Any woman who accompanies another woman with respect, understanding, empathy… with love and dedication… is a doula. It’s her essence—what her presence transmits—that makes the difference.

However, professional training is an indispensable accessory in acquiring all the knowledge necessary to advise and support mothers during each stage of motherhood: pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding. I am very proud, and thankful, to have been trained by the team at Marenostrum.

Statistics show why being accompanied by a doula is recommendable:

  • 50% reduction in caesarean births

  • 40% reduction in the use of forceps
  • 25% reduction in labour time

  • 30% reduction in analgesic use
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests

  • 40% reduction in oxytocin use
  • Improves the parent-baby bond

  • Lessens breastfeeding related problems
  • Reduces the rate of post-partum depression

(source: “Mothering the mother: how a doula can help you have a shorter, easier and healthier birth” – Klaus, Kennel and Klaus).

On the other hand, I feel it is important to point out, especially when considering recent rumours regarding the profession, that there are limits to the doula’s capacities:

    • Doulas are not medical professionals and, therefore, cannot give medical advice.

    • They do not offer therapy, but do know when to recommend the help of other professionals.

    • They will never take the place of the woman’s partner, but rather offer their services to the couple in hopes of ensuring an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation at all times.

Yoga has shown me that everything we’re searching for, we already carry within ourselves. And, as a doula, that is the message I try to convey. I like to think of myself as a mirror in which each woman I accompany can see her own potential, her true me… the strength and courage that lies within herself but she is sometimes unable to see.

If you wish to know more about me as a doula, read my interview.

Because the arrival of children triggers in us, both as mothers and women, a much deeper growth than one can ever expect.

Laura Gutman


Pregnancy is just the beginning of stage that lasts for the rest of your life—motherhood. It is a transformation that begins on a physical level, although every woman experiences an infinite amount of emotions and inner changes when she discovers her body is creating a new life.

Our current fast-paced society doesn’t always allow us to stop and think about what it really means to have a child, nor prepare for their arrival. Sometimes we lack the time needed to collect even the most essential information regarding pregnancy or childbirth. We’re faced with all sorts of doubts, fears and feelings that we often don’t know whom to share with.

As a doula, I will guide you through a fully conscious pregnancy. I listen without prejudice and provide you the information you need to take your own decisions, fearlessly trusting your own feelings at all times. I can also help out with all you need to fix before your baby is born and, if you’re not already a member of my prenatal yoga classes, we can work on relaxation, breathing and posture techniques privately, so you trust in your own energy and abilities when you go into labour.



“To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born.” This affirmation by Michel Odent, defender of humanised birth, sums up the importance of that moment perfectly. Not only does is it the step from woman to mother, but it is also bringing another human being into the world. It is a unique moment in the lives of both, mother and child, and both deserve the same amount of respect and care the whole time.

As a doula, my mission is to support you emotionally and logistically, in collaboration with your family and medical personnel. I offer comfort techniques—massages, as well as visualisation, breathing and posture techniques—and, if needed, I can act as a mediator to help ensure
an environment of harmony and relaxation wherever you are. It’s not easy to list all the things a doula provides in childbirth. Each woman is a universe, and each birth is a different and unpredictable experience. That’s why each encounter during the pregnancy is important as it helps us get to know each other so I can become your best ally and give everything you expect of me during and after childbirth.



Each time a baby is born, a mother is born. It is a new life for both. After giving birth, something most women are not really prepared for comes: raising a child. Adapting to this new role can be extremely trying at times due to fatigue and hormonal changes. Far too often, families can’t or don’t know how to support a woman during this stage and don’t realise what she really needs having just given birth. Breastfeeding requires patience, time, privacy, and the mother’s almost full dedication to her child. However, the solitude that generally accompanies this stage is all but recommendable.

My role as a doula in this stage to make sure you feel heard and accompanied when you may possibly need it most. As a mother and trained lactation consultant, I can guide you to help you enjoy breastfeeding. Should we encounter any difficulties beyond my reach, I work with an extensive network of qualified professionals. I can also give you a hand around the house or with your baby so you can have a moment to yourself and rest. I will work to ensure the start of your life as a mother is a one-of-a-kind chance to get to know yourself, while growing and discovering the magic of having a child at the same time.

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Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after her.

Christiane Northrupt

Yoga prenatal

Prenatal Yoga

Most of my students discover yoga while they’re pregnant. Some begin as soon as they find out they’re expecting. Others arrive when they realise their due date is approaching. Some already practise yoga, but leave their regular classes for the ‘mummy classes’ out of curiosity, and sometimes with a bit of regret.

I could list all the benefits of practising yoga, including those that are particularly beneficial to pregnant women. However, the very definition of yoga reveals the secret of its success amongst women who are mindful of motherhood. The basic principal of yoga is taking care of oneself on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It teaches us to love ourselves so that we can love others and live in harmony, both with ourselves and everything around us. It leads on a path to self-discovery and transforms into a tool when facing challenges and the constant changes in life, allowing us to flow and just enjoy the female cycle.

We learn to understand our body and its everchanging nature through postures. We strengthen it, make it more flexible and accompany it harmoniously as it prepares for labour. We make a real connection with our breathing and discover how important it is, not only during pregnancy, but as a gift that keeps on giving. And we use the unique sensitivity that characterises the gestation period to familiarise ourselves with visualisation and introspection, listening to our inner child so that we can experience motherhood fully and consciously.

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Yoga Omnium

Yoga Omnium

Tuesdays 17.45-18.45 and Wednesdays 9.30-10.30

A whirlwind of life force spins inside of us and our children, in a way, draw from the power in our heart and from the infinite joy and profound meaning we give to our wandering this world whilst carrying the weight of our feminine spirit on our shoulders.

Laura Gutman

Yoga mamás y bebés

Yoga for Mums & Babies

Giving birth marks the end of pregnancy and the start motherhood: it is a unique and magical moment of transition and transformation in which a woman’s vital energy plays a fundamental role. After nine long months of waiting, mother and child’s gazes finally cross and the real adventure begins—getting to know each other, learning to understand one another and loving each other unconditionally.

The physical and emotional changes that come with postpartum are numerous and have a different effect on each woman. Learning to breastfeed is not always an easy process, especially at first. Adapting to your baby’s schedules can be a huge challenge. It’s important to go through quarantine in calm and in private so everything can start to fall into place and you are able to rest when possible in order to regain energy and balance.

It is then—or whenever you feel ready—that you can start practising yoga again. In fact, taking time out to take care of yourself is highly recommended. This helps you to regain a sense of stability and reconnect with your body, as well as share time and space with other mums and disconnect from your routine at home.

Yoga classes for mums and babies focus on women’s general wellbeing. Babies are welcome and they set the pace of classes, which will be flowy and adapted each moment to the needs of both mothers and little ones.

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Yoga Omnium

Yoga Omnium

Wednesdays 11.15-12.15

Lorenza’s prenatal classes really helped me connect with myself and my baby. It was one of the best decisions I made while I was pregnant. It was my time to relax and it helped me to experience pregnancy on a much more spiritual level. It was special. I recommend it 100%. Lorenza also helped by giving me a sense of security during labour and breast feeding. She is a very special person.
I would use one word to define my experience: Peace! When you get to class you feel nervous, with a lot of new sensations you don’t know how to handle; pain, uncertainties… and after a few classes with Lorenza, a few breathing practices… you learn to relax, to control your body and prepare yourself for that moment which is so special yet hard at the same time. Thank you, Lorenza (and company) for those moments and for showing us how strong we are!
In the most difficult moments of labour, I imagined myself in the yoga room, listening to your voice, trying to focus on my breathing and on my baby instead of the pain. Even the chance to share experiences with other mothers before class helped to prepare me for this adventure, far from home and with very few friends at the time.
I will always have beautiful memories of giving birth, and that’s partly thanks to you! I consider myself very well ‘prepared’… Thank you so much for your classes!
I would like to share with you our experience with Lorenza in our third birth. This time I wanted to know how it felt to have a natural birth, with no epidural. I knew I needed to prepare myself mentally beforehand, so I did not hesitate to attend a talk at Marenostrum (Barcelona). I was lucky to meet Lorenza there and she became my birth doula. When David decided to be born, she accompanied us from the start, helping me to cope with the contractions that grew increasingly faster and more intense. I still remember when she told me to stop fighting the contractions and flow with them in order to relax my pelvic area. The truth is, even though you learn in talks that you need to relax and breath during contractions, I did exactly the opposite until Lorenza reminded me not to. When the expulsive period began, she was very aware of my needs: she brought me water, fanned me, encouraged me to keep pushing... I felt very comfortable the whole time (my husband too) and very calm. It felt like all of us were moving in the same direction and in harmony. Lorenza, I hope your fingers don’t hurt anymore from how hard I squeezed them each time I had a contraction! I wish you the best as a doula and I, of course, would recommend you without hesitating. 🙂


Lorenza Micheluzzi

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